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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in animal communications.

We hope you find this site informative and helpful in your search for better understanding with your animal friends.


Millions of years ago, man had no working vocal cords as we know them, People used telepathy to communicate with each other. As man’s throat began to work and we began to grunt, our natural ability of telepathy weakened. Ever since, man has been using his voice more and using the brain less.


The word is derived from the Greek work TELE meaning distant and PATHE (or pathy) meaning occurance or feeling. The term telepathy was coined in 1882 by a French scientist by the name of Dr. Rhine. Telepathy is the direct transference of thought or feeling from one being to another across a distance. It is non-verbal, intuitive and instinctual. Have you ever watched a flock of birds in flight?

Do you think the head bird says "Sparky, let’s drop to an altitude of 30 feet and bank to the left 15 degrees, pass it on."? No way, they do it telepathically as a group effort. Just like when you are sitting on the couch reading the paper and suddenly you think about your dogs need to go outside? "Hmm," you think, "she has not been out for awhile." You call to her, only to reach the door to find HER waiting for YOU? She has just telepathically told you how much she needs to go out and you responded. You might not have heard her in your ears, but in your mind you got her message loud and clear. It works both ways, for instance, when you want to give that dog a bath and suddenly that stinky dog is nowhere to be found. She read your mind. Animal communicatiors take it one step further and actually converse with the animal.


Basically I use your energy to tune into your animals energy and what I get back are images, words or emotions. Every animal is different in the information that it sends, just like people are different in how they perceive things. Some are visual and like to send images (clairvoyance), some send feelings (clairsentience), some let me hear them or speak to me (clairaudience), and still others will send a knowing or an acknowledgement (claircognizence).

Tuning into the animal is just like tuning into a radio station and finding a channel (frequency) that you like. I just happen to have a radio in my head that tunes into animals. Telepathy happens at the blink of an eye, I receive the information and I relay it to you. It’s a two way conversation with an animal and I am nothing more than an interpreter.